Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Honey Than Bite

I am feeling a little feisty today.  It might be because of my walk this morning.  I am still not well but I needed some fresh air so I decided to go for a walk.  The walk that turned in to a run when a swarm of persistent honeybees tried to devour me.  I can't really blame those cute little honeybees, though.  How can they help themselves around such a sweet aroma?  I am all nectar.  Is there such a thing as a honey with a little bit of bite?  That is what those honeybees are making tonight. 

I love wearing my Sarah Palin tee.  I am wearing it today.  I was wearing it during my walk this morning.  I bought it in San Fransisco during my anniversary trip two years ago.  Yes, they do sell conservative souvenirs in The City of Complications.  I was shocked, too!  It was a men's style tee, not so flattering, so I brought it home and altered it to fit me like a glove.  I happen to love Sarah.  I get in to some fun banters with people when I wear it.  Say what you want about my Sarah, but she is all woman.  A woman to be admired.  I respect every one's opinions and will always listen.  Sometimes with only one ear open.  But I do listen.  What I just don't get are the women libbers who hate Sarah Palin.  I thought your whole philosophy was to empower women?  I thought you loved to see women gain positions of strength and try to make real contributions to society?  I thought you liked independent women who can stand up for what they believe in and use their intellect to make decisions that they feel would better their lives and the lives of our future generations?  But, as it turns out you only support the women who believe the same as you do, yet you claim to provide a "safe space for diverse dialogue".  You say that your agenda is to encourage woman in civic involvement, promote self sufficiency, activism, spiritual health, and general wellness.  You wish to connect individuals (women) to new ideas, information, organizations, and to each other.  So I am confused at your hatred and vengeance towards Mrs. Palin.  I knew you hated men, but I thought you loved and supported women.  All women.  Doesn't Sarah exhibit all those qualities that you claim to admire, teach, encourage?  Oh well.  You're smart.   

I believe I am the true feminist (using my own definition of the word) because I admire any woman who is brave enough to say what she feels and fight for what she believes in, especially when she is willing to throw herself in to the public eye and chance ridicule and mockery.  Whether I agree or not with that woman's politics, ethics, or ideals, she still gets my recognition and respect.  As do the men who display the same qualities that I find so respectable and admirable.  By the way, Sarah did not blow it for McCain.  McCain blew the race all by himself when he just wouldn't come out and say what we all wanted to hear.  Telling us what he really believed in and stood for.  He held back for whatever reason.  Sarah never holds back.  I wonder if it's true that Sarah and Glen Beck are thinking about running in 2012?

Can I take a minute and just say how impressed I am with Sarah's daughter, Bristol?  I was so happy when I heard she was getting back together with Ricky Hollywood.  I would totally take back a guy who left me and his new baby and posed for Play-whatever.  And it wouldn't bother me one bit if he decided to pursue a promiscuous and reckless career, badmouthed my family to the press, or called my sweet little baby brother a word I won't even repeat.  To me, that man who Bristol will wed herself to screams of all class and integrity.  There is nothing sexier than a man like that.  I can totally understand why Bristol finds him so irresistible.

In all sincerity, I wish I could have been Bristol's mentor.  I would have taught her to recognize all the red flags.  I learned a lot from Mistake #1.  But I am sure Sarah tried her best to help her daughter and I have faith that Bristol will come around.

Since my mind is focused on politics, I must say something about immigration.  Get ready or skip ahead, because my seriousface is on.  I have mixed emotions on that subject.  I heard a lecture quite a few years ago given by a very wise man.  He spoke about how nations crumble when their birth rates decline, as it threatens a nation's prosperity.  That is just what is happening in our country right now.  It is normal to see a decline during times of financial crisis.  Birth rates plummeted in the 1930's during the Great Depression and they are now, during this Great Recession.  But, we are experiencing a higher decline in birth rates today.  People find it worrisome to have children when facing financial difficulty, perfectly understandable.  However, and thankfully, the Hispanic population has been helping to maintain our country's birth rates for many years.  It is true.

All this controversy on what the immigration laws should be promotes a deep concern in me.  For reasons such as this, I highly dislike blanket rules and laws.  I believe there is always an exception to almost every rule.  I prefer "rules" that are regulated on a case by case basis.  I hate to see families ripped apart.  Families that have been here for generations.  Good people who are working hard to provide for their children, their elderly, and who contribute to our society in a positive way.  People who choose not to misuse or abuse our welfare system.  If you assume this is not happening, that families are not being ripped apart, you are being very naive.  Like I said, I can see all sides on this subject, but I worry about what the immigration laws will look like.  Especially because of all the crazy judges who do and rule whatever and however the want.  I wish I could say that I have faith in our judicial system, but when I see a drugged out mother, who allows abuse to happen, gain custody over a clean, hard working father who is in tears and can't understand how a judge can do such a thing, I lose my faith.  Sadly, that happens every day.  I wish I was a Family Court judge. 

Now, of course I am not talking about allowing everyone and anyone who wants to come here to be given free reign to do so.  I believe this country is a very blessed one.  I think it is a privilege to be here and I consider myself so fortunate to have been born here.  I believe everyone should enter legally and within the guidelines that are set up.  And of course I am not talking about the criminals and drug lords.  I went to court with my husband one day and watched as rows and rows of men, the majority being illegal Hispanic men, all plead guilty to some very awful and vile crimes.  Their punishments were so soft that they were allowed to go.  I witnessed them walk back in to our society, on to our streets, amongst our children.  It horrified me.  Personally, I think all of our criminals and drug lords should be sent off to Alcatraz.  What will it take to get that place up and running again?  From what I saw, it is the perfect place for our criminals and drug lords to take rest.  It just needs a good wipe down and it will be fine.  

We should tighten our borders to protect us from evil but be wise enough to recognize those who dream of a better life.  Those who are willing to do what is required to become contributing members of our society.  That was the essence of the dream and the foundation on which our country was founded upon.  It is what our forefathers fought for.  Other than the (American) Indians, we are all products of immigration.  We should be lenient to those who have established a home here and who are living good lives.  I have heard many thoughts on immigration but have never heard of anyone speak about how it has helped our country to grow and flourish and allowed our birth rates to not decline to alarming numbers.  Numbers that would threaten our nation's prosperity.  I suppose it takes a silly girl to point it out.

I hear so many complaints on how the Hispanics are taking advantage of our welfare system, yet I see plenty of our own doing the same.  PLENTY.  We should require it of everyone to become self reliant and create incentives for those who do, especially the small business owners.  And say what you will about Hispanics taking away your jobs, but I hear many of you non-Hispanic people say that you are unwilling to consider an opportunity unless it pays a certain amount, and so you will continue to take an unemployment check until something better comes along.  Forgive the Hispanics for being humble enough and appreciate any opportunity to work and make money to support their families.  They are not taking your jobs away.  They are accepting an opportunity that you were too prideful to take, so, in my opinion, you do not deserve it.  Did you ever think that by taking that job, the one that doesn't meet your salary requirements, that it might possibly open a door for you to progress and be promoted to a better position?  Kindly take a moment to contemplate and study that out in your mind. 

I loved what Ronald Regan did for the state of California.  His state welfare system required people to work the state farms and factories as a form of pay back for assistance.  Why are we not doing more of that?  If we did, we might also be able to stop relying on other countries to supply us with some of our most basic needs.  Did you know that even some of our eggs come from as far as China?  Yuck.  (Please support your local farmers.)  People need to work.  It is how they gain self respect, learn self reliance, and gain the motivation for personal growth.  But if we just give everything away with no expectation of a return, how are we helping?  I wonder sometimes if our government prefers to have it's people rely on them.  It reminds me of this king I once heard of...

My mouth has gotten away from me again.  I think I got my moxie back.  Will anyone be speaking to me tomorrow?  Remember, I am more honey than bite. 

**As a side note and since I mentioned him earlier, I am not the biggest fan ever of Glen Beck.  I do appreciate his passion and insight, most of his politics and his morals, but I might like him more if he didn't have such an obnoxious personality.  I find it hard to take him seriously.  I prefer to listen to Sean Hannity, but I try to watch all the news channels because I like to be fair and balanced.  I also have a strong suspicion that Ayn Rand might be Rush Limbaugh's mother, or grandmother.  And if I missed the news where Bristol and Ricky broke up again, I apologize for my ignorance.  It has been weeks since I watched TV or read a People magazine.  And I do realize that it may sound as though I am contradicting myself when I innocently make fun of people but then post about being judgmental.  If you are one of the lucky or unlucky to really know me, you recognize my sarcasm as a token of my love and affection.  I might not agree with you, but I do love you.  Even my women libbers!  Even my PETANS, even Michael Jackson...maybe that's pushing it too far.**

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