Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pardones-moi ami...

The last two days have been extremely emotional ones for me.  Ever since I lost my father, an overflow of feelings have suddenly resurfaced out of nowhere and my heart feels like it has swollen beyond its capacity to hold.  I have always been a girl who doesn't like to swim in dangerous waters.  While I might be lured into taking a skinny dip every once in a while, I fight the desire to linger longer, recklessly exposed in the deep, truly blue sea of uncomfortable emotions. 

Last Sunday, my cousin Erin came over to offer her love and support.  She just lost her sister this summer, our someone named Bridget.  Erin's sweet and tender whispers of comfort are what I am grasping hold of tonight.  These are the words that she offered...

"Allow yourself to feel everything you will naturally feel.  Let your emotions flow and when they come, do not hold them against yourself."

My hope tonight is that no one will hold my overflow of emotions against me either.  I am so sorry that I took them out on someone who didn't deserve my outburst.  

Si'l te plais pardones-moi, mon ami.     


  1. A friend of mine passed and she left her husband and their 7 children, 3 young ones. At her funeral a statement was made by a member of her family, he said "The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life"

  2. Express your emotions with dignity my friend. There is no shame in feeling. It makes us real.