Monday, November 21, 2011

Project {GRACE}

Last October I asked my friends to help me with a project.  Project {GRACE}.  It wasn't really a project, more of an act of love and compassion given freely by my friends.  {GRACE} was inspired by an old friend from high school who lost his sweet angel baby several years ago.  After sharing her story with a group of my favorite girls, they all graciously offered their time and talents to help me crochet and knit 100 hats for many children suffering with painful diseases such as leukemia.  It has taken a little over a year to reach the goal but I am so thankful for all the hours spent making those hats that we hope will provide a tiny bit of comfort.  In sweet baby Rhiannon Grace Weintraub's name, here are a few I'd like to show off! Again, thank you ladies.

 Made by Jolie Bonderant

I believe this one came from the brilliant hands of Leslie Peterson!  Did you know white is my favorite color? :)

 I made this one!!

This is the perfect Russian spy (I wannabe SALT) hat!

     These last two were taken last year.  They were the very first two that were made by Jonia Hall and Leslie Peterson.

Melissa Bishop Nelson, Kim Hardy, Me, and Stacy Seastrunk

Stephanie Taylor Smith and Melissa Bishop Nelson

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