Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Smiles, anonymous commenter.  Nothing but smiles...

PS, Anonymous-Every girl has her favorite side.  I only show what I think you can handle.  One delicious morsel at a time!!  :) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Eyes To The Prize

If you ask me, the most peaceful and serene place that a Woman can rest, Is admitting that She desires, but lives absent of need.  She understands and recognizes that she wants...but can still sustain breath and live abundantly without Having it.  Whatever it may be...

I have openly revealed myself as a passionate woman.  I have unabashedly written words and candidly confessed my thoughts here on Musings as well as in a few other public forums.  I have given my heart to a select few throughout my life and have no Regrets doing so.  I live by naughty Johnny Mayer's words and Always "Say What I Need To Say".  I would rather Others know how I feel about them instead of leaving them to wondeR or assume.  I have been scolded once or Twice for spilling my soul, and if that earns me a scarlet letter, I will bedazzle it and wear it with my little Head held high...I'll Even wink at you as I pass by in my skinny jeans and 5 inch heels.  So what if my sleeves are heart-stained?  I am thankful for the Beautiful print that an unveiled honesty has lovingly left on them.  The abstract fabric is a handmade valuable and the many brushstrokes, one by one, speaks a story of many lessons learned.  They are forever loyal to me and I admire, respect and favor Each one of them the Same, but for different reasons.

My life is enriched by all the beautiful and amazing women that I have been blessed to know.  So many have been an instrument in helping me to compose my own (hopefully) Chopin-worthy character.  My words are often inspired by their stories and Today is no different as I find myself in deep thought and self reflection.  This is dedicated to all those who have loved and lost, thinking they lost Because of something they had done wrong.  Especially one.  She knows who she is.  PS- I love you Unconditionally...

As women, we are often given a negative endorsement if we do not choose to remain a mystery, which is one of the silliest things I have ever heard, since we happen to be the most kaleidoscopic creatures ever put on this earth.  ALMOST every woman is an enigma as she shape shifts from one incredible Thing to another.  She Is a devoted mother during the day, melting into most amazing lover at night.  Dedicated and focused is she during regular business Hours, but lets her flowing locks down at lunch, throws her head back, And laughs to her heart's content.  On a Tuesday morning, she is a listening ear to a friend then suddenly becomes an angel to the Very needy while sitting in four o'clock traffic.  She cocoons in the quiet hours of the night and flies away in the fresh, morning air as the most beautiful and Exotic butterfly, flitting all over town, running her many errands.  In the winter she hibernates with her favorite books and a pink, polka-dot mug of cocoa, but during the summer months she wants everything outdoors because the sun is her Life source. Monday through Friday she is committed to her home and family but on an occasional weekend, you would never know it, but she becomes a fearless mountain climber or a marathon runner.  Men: You should find this womanly art fascinating and just sit back and Enjoy the colorful show, because a changeable woman is something fierce to behold.  And slightly off the subject but oh well, That's how my silly head works, I encourage You to always appreciate the One who freely gives you her heart and not shame her for not "playing" a loser's game.  PS-Those fickle felines that "play" hard to get are all to often the hardest to hold on to.  You deserve better, boys.  Take notice and grasp those rugged hands tightly around the tenderhearts and allow the coldhearts to thaw out on their own.  They will be just fine.

And now a note to all my feminine friends.  As much as it is in our nature to please, I plead with you to remember that you do not need to earn love.  It should be freely given to you.  Do not mistake rejection for mis-recognition.  Someone who fails to Understand and see you as the beautiful self that you are only tells a sad and Grave story about themselves.  Know who you are.  Love who you have become.  Look forward to progressing further, becoming a little bit better every day.  Rest well knowing that you do not need someone in Order to be happy, but that wanting someone to enrich the beautiful life you already have is a natural desire.  So, lift that pretty little chin up, set your unclouded head forward, and steady those sparkly eyes to the prize.  PS- The prize is you!

xoxoxoxo-A little from Silly Girl and a lot from Passionface

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Devil's Playground & Other Bedtime Stories

Ahhh, how I miss the days when two friends actually spoke to each other on the telly, wrote letters and called each other pen pals.  And I would have love, LOVE, LOVED to have lived whimsically during the days when a lovestruck woman and a weak in the knees man took sacred moments out of their busy day, to affectionately draw their overflowing emotions and their heart-touched thoughts for one another, penning each deeply felt word on fine parchment, then sealing it with a personal insignia and sending it to their one and only.  To their one true love...  I would love to experience such supreme felicity.  Perhaps that is what my idyllic, Jane Austen mind will be thinking this September, when I bend to exhale a breathy blow towards my thirty seven, brightly lit, birthday candles, who will sit like little princesses on top of strawberry shortcake.  Yes!!  That and my wish for world peace!  (That reminds me...where is my Miss America crown?)  But, given the social malnutrition, starving our natural desires to properly communicate with one another, taken from us by super fruits like tempting, honey crisp Apples and sinfully delicious and juicy BlackBerries that stain our little fingers, I think it is a smart girl remark to make, that my (and my fellow contestants) passionate plea for the panacea of world peace may come to pass BEFORE social romanticism makes a comeback.  After all, we ARE one VERY big step closer to that lofty goal.  Poor Binny.  Do you think he is really laden down in the earth like Big Barry says he is?  Hmmmm...I have my SillyGirl doubts.

I have this very romantic but sometimes volatile, love-hate relationship with texting.  On the one soft and delicate hand, I love being able to send a message in the wee hours of the morning, or type, type, typing a quick reminder to a friend without having to get into a huge convo.  Sorry talkative friends.  I still love you.  I just have my mommy list of a gazzilion-jillion things to do, so I can't allow my sensitive ears to listen to your same story over and over.  And over.  And over.  Now, pretty please come to my Mary Kay party.  I kid!  I don't even like Mary Kay!  And I love having access to my children when they are at school to let them know that they have one hundred sentences for not making their beds!  I kid again!  I was channeling my mother there for a moment.  Texting most certainly serves a sane and sound purpose.  I think I have done well to prove that, although it came at a high price since some of my friends are now wondering if they are the "Chatty Kathy" I referred to, and others that are saying "HEY!!!  You're the Chatty Kathy!!"  It's true...

So, what's so bad about texting, you coyly ask me?  Absolutely nothin', banana muffin.  It is EXACTLY like having a real life, face to cute, freckle face colloquy with me.  During our deep dialogue person to person, I would never get my little feelings hurt if you turned our back and walked away from me.  I would just assume something better came along and let you off my forgiving hook.  I wouldn't be insulted for even the tiniest moment if you didn't respond to my last sentence.  And you would just know that everything that comes out of my pink-stained lips would be spoken with a twinkle in my eye and in a teasing, innocent tone.  No need for a smiley face every time, because you could see it with your own steel or baby blues, beautiful browns, shifty hazels, or gleeful greens.  You can feel the emotion I put into every word I speak...just like in every letter I type on my BlackBerry...

In all sincerity, allow me tell you what you are missing when you text instead of surrender to sensual speech.  There is a natural chemical reaction that happens when you hear someone's voice.  A stimulating sensation that allows for a deeper connection to take place.  Especially late at night as your voices deepen and get that sexy, raspy tone.  You know what I'm talking about.  For those of you so fortunate to be in the wonderful world of dating, you are selling yourself short by not picking up the phone and dialing her seven, sexy numbers.  I say "her" because I am an impassioned ingenue who is enamored by chivalry.  A silly girl who would love to catch more glimmering glimpses of masculine men taking control and just KISS THE GIRL!!  OH SHOOT!!  I meant CALL the girl.  Really, I did.  (Wink!)                

So what about the argument that texting is faster?  Yes.  Because typing "omgosh" is WAY speedier than saying it.  Give it a try.  Yes, your argument makes perfect sense.  How about this?  Have you ever had an all day and all night deep conversation with someone via text?  Of course you have.  Now go back and read it to yourself.  WAIT!!  Set your timer first.  Sweet.  In reality it was only an eight minute chat.  So, young scholar, tell me what you learned about that person in those eight, super socially stimulating moments.  If you just flirted nonsensically and failed to ask fun, get to know you questions, I'm sure all you learned is that he lol's a lot?  I could have told you that.  I must say that one really fantabulous bonus of texting is that it gives you ample time to construct your responses.  Now, can you be as witty and charming in real life?  When you are put on the spot?  I'm sure you can...Just like I can!!  :)

WOW!!  Moxie Maven has her sassymouth on tonight and she would be extra silly if she failed to mention the most fantastic of all of the devil's creations!  FACEBOOK!!  The best thing about facebook is that I can rest assured knowing that I will be free from any annoying behaviors being displayed on that playground.  Poking is like Field Day, and just like in real life, I am always so appreciative when children and mental patients randomly jab their fingers in my side or tap my shoulder.   Over.  And over.  And over.  I give small children and mental patients a free pass, though.  They do not posses the ability to put their gifted thoughts together with meaningful words and so they use their precious and "ouchie" pointer as their mouthpiece.  But if you are my friend on facebook, I expect A: that you are over the age of 16 and have mastered the English language, or at least received a C-, and B: are not institutionalized. So if you are STILL poking me, I calmly and sweetly ask (just like I patiently did with my little children and the random mentally challenged), "USE YOUR WORDS, USE YOUR WORDS!!"  AND PS- Adorable kids and slowpokes also like to tell me every thought and every movement they make during the 24 hours of their day!  Just like some bookfacers do.  I'm kidding.  I love the hourly updates.  I even appreciate knowing each and every random thought you have!  Really!!  I do!!  It Amuses me!!!  Like a merry-go-round!!  Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  Now I'm dizzy...

Ahhhhh...I feel sooo much better!  Now I can go lay my sleepyeyes and golden locks to rest for the night.  Goodnight, sleep tight, this bed feels just right.  PS and so the big, bad wolf doesn't come and want to gobble me up, I really didn't want to call the mentals "slowpokes".  I just ran out of benign euphemisms.  Forgive me.  But do note that my definition of mental patients is the crazies of the world.  Not the sweet and innocent. 



Friday, May 13, 2011

B&Beam Me Up, Scotty!

*(Worth posting on all of my blogs!!!)

Impress me much?  YES!!!  It can be done!  But you have to be really good at what you do.  And I mean R*E*A*L*L*Y good...

That being said, I have found my new favorite place on the entire planet!  Well, OK.  My second favorite place.  First place goes to my cozy wozy bed.  But I must say, The Rockville Rose Inn is a very close and tight second place winner!  I'd even give them the gold if I knew my bed wouldn't get offended.  But, I know she would.  She is very feisty.  And possesive.  As a loyal queen, pillow top should be. 

Now, I have to you know how long I have been trying to convince Mr. Smith to please, please, pretty please take me to a Bed and Breakfast?  Go ahead!  Take a wild guess.  Sixteen years, baby.  I have gone to him several times over the course of our marriage asking, (begging and pleading really)...

..."Darling, for our anniversary this year, wouldn't it be oh so romantic to go to a delightful little cottage for the weekend?  Surrender to the sweet solace of Mother Nature's wonderland where we can freely frolic and explore the luscious landscape in complete solitude, soothing our overworked selves and throwing all care and unwanted worries to the wind?"

Mr. Smith: "Does it involve me having to share living space and dine with total strangers?"  (Shoot!  He never falls for my beautifully written, poetic words as a convincing mechanism and strategy to lure him in to giving me what my little heart desires.) 

Silly Me: "Why, yes dear, it does!  Doesn't that sound like pure bliss and heaven on earth?" 

Mr. Smith: "Ummm, no."

Silly Me THIS TIME:  "OK, schmoopy.  I'll go by myself!"

And that, my sweet and loyal friends, is just what I did.  Well, that is not entirely true.  Going solo would be stranger-dangerous and wouldn't have been a very smart girl choice.  So, of course I took my gorgeous, newly single BFF (aka: the best catch of a dream-babe out there, so boys: get your hooks and lines ready, although she can't be baited by anything but true character and REAL chivalry.), with me!!  We decided to have our cute, thirty something selves a classic Cindy Lauper, "girl's just wanna have fun!" weekend in Zion National Park.  I had recalled seeing a sweet picture of this enchanting little Bed and Breakfast on a friend's facebook page that captivated and enticed me, and so I decided to make a reservation!!!  My pink-painted pointer dialed these ten easy digits: 435-772-0800.  "Hello?"  YAY!!  The man-voice (who I now lovingly refer to as Scotty) on the other end of my Blackberry was so friendly and sounded absolutely delighted to have us come!  He even said that he would be more than happy to prepare a vegan breakfast for us!  Uh, oh, Mr. might be in trouble.  I kid!  I kid!

We arrived Saturday afternoon, and as we drove up the pebbled drive, our hearts skipped a beat and my dream of a Bed and Breakfast was suddenly becoming my reality as I witnessed it firsthand, with my wide-eyed steel blues!  A white, Tudor style home with rose filled beds and a wrap around porch warmly welcomed us to come closer.  The picturesque clearing in front of the quaint cottage was covered in a bright green, freshly mowed meadow, which was being shaded by two magnificent trees that stood majestically, exalted to the heavens, spilling armfuls of pecans all around the earth below.  Awestruck in wonder and reverent respect, we all but glided towards the front door.  A colorful palette of rose bushes delicately perfumed the air and intoxicated our senses as we drew closer.  The sweet ambrosia suspended our walk for a moment, and encouraged us to take the time to do what grandmother always says to do.  And so we obediently listened and paused to smell the roses.   

We had only been there for five minutes, yet we already felt as though we were about to enter an old friend's home.  We were greeted with a handsome, bright, white smile by a man who looked like Sawyer from "Lost".  Yes, ladies, you DID hear me right.  And if you don't know who Sawyer is, please go google it.  I guarantee you will be making your girl's weekend getaway reservation by the end of the day.  Sawyer, I mean Scotty, showed us to our room.  We had everything we needed to enjoy and indulge in our "free from the world" weekend.  There was a private bath with raffia tied towels, and the sweet smelling soaps made me smile!  I even felt that long, lost twinkle in my eye light up!  Upon a shelf sat a television that truly tempted me, and a comfy bed with plenty of fluffy pillows beckoned me to come snuggle up and give it some company!  There was even a miniature icebox, thoughtfully placed in a corner for the precious PB&J that always travels in my bag, along with a B complex shot that needs to be kept cool at all times.  Perfect.  I glanced out our bedroom window and, ahhhhhhh....  The blazing scene took my sweet-minty breath away as I viewed all the flaming shades of red.  From burgundy to magenta, the mountainous paradise was just a walk away!  In a gentle snap of a finger, I was filled with excitement as it was about to become our very own, personal playground.  Where is my fairy godmother?  I owe her one of my glass slippers...

As much as I wanted to just stay exactly where I was, in an unrestless state of tranquility, I heard Angel's Landing airily singing my name.  She knows another heavenly being when she sees one.  (Wink.)  We drove away from our resting place with a peaceful feeling that we had a soft place to lay our golden locks that night.

We pranced (slowly and sorely, but a feminine walk it still was) back to the B&B that evening, with red sand in our hair, and in every other crevice and tiny pore of our sun kissed skin.  We were worn to the core and had frantically famished tummies.  But never fear!  Because can you believe that our Scotty had thoughtfully prepared a meal for us?  Even a vegan one for me??  Yes, it's true!  The Rockville Rose Inn is not only super hospitable, but it is also vegan friendly!!!!  Scotty had gone WAY out of his way to research and google vegan recipes, creating for us a dinner to die for.  His Carrot Ginger Cashew Soup made my head spin right round, baby, and guess what?  He emailed me the recipe which I am going to share!!  Because I care!  LUCKY!  (She said in her awesome and perfected Napolean Dynamite voice.)

To make an amazing day end with a hot, bangity-bang, Scott lit a beautiful fire out back while we grabbed our sweaters and warmed our shivering hands with a mug of steaming hot chocolate.  (I may have turned a blind eye to the non-vegan version he made, but oh well.  It was delish.  So, PETA: whateva.  I'm allowed an occasional cheat.)  It was a beautiful night, and PS- I slept very well.  Shhhhh...please don't tell her, but my Rockville Rose Inn bed was just as comfy as the one that sits on the corner of Misty Moonlight Street.

Now, for the grand finale...BREAKFAST THE FOLLOWING MORNING!!!!  You can't even begin to imagine the spread that Scott prepared.  I don't even know when and how Superman did it!  Sweet Banana, Pecan Stacks drizzled in ooey gooey honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.  Peach French Toast with melted butter and real maple syrup made my mouth water, and the Tofu Scramble was to die for!  I know.  Now I have to apologize to the makers of that bean paste because of what I said in my last post.  (It's OK.  I'm not too proud to admit when I have misspoken.)  Of course, my fave was the Oatmeal cuddled up next to brown sugar, grated coconut, and fresh berries!!  Oh wait!  Then there was a savory and aromatic Roasted Red Potato dish, nestled with Spinach and crusted in Nutritional Yeast, which made this vegan very pleased and impressed that Clark Kent actually knew what Nutritional yeast was, and even more surprised that he knew exactly how to use it in the most tasty way!!  You're the best, Sawyer...I mean Scotty.  You can beam me up and gingerly place me at the B&B anytime!!!

So, how did I do?  Are you in love at first read?  If I were you, may I suggest that you call down to my camp fire friend (aka Superman, Sawyer, Clark Kent or Scotty) and book yourself a reservation ASAP?!?

125 E. MAIN P.O. BOX 630234
PHONE: 435-772-0800

*Why not go the extra mile?  Visit them on facebook and press that cute little *like* button.  For me?  Pretty please?  

And don't forget to hike Angel's Landing during your visit!  But only if you like an adrenaline rush that might send you into an occasional panic attack, causing you to have to sit and practice your yoga breathing exercises, while praying to your Maker that you will not slip and fall as you are scaling the last half mile alongside a 1,500 foot mountain, holding on to nothing but chains that were drilled in who knows how long ago?  And PS- They forgot to install those sturdy, life saving handrails in some very critical places.  Not to worry, though, because an expert passersby will more than likely warn you to "just don't look down, sweetie".  Really?  Because that is my like my very favorite thing to do!  Look down as I am walking on my tippy toes, along a slippery ledge with a breathtaking 1,500 foot drop off!  Awesome advice.  Thanks!!  I would have never thought of that on my own!! 

In all can do it!  If I can, you can!

Scotty's Beam Me Up Carrot Ginger Cashew Soup

1 1/2 lbs. of raw carrots, washed and peeled and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
2 TB olive oil
I medium onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves,minced
1 TB ginger, minced
7 cups vegetable broth, organic
1 1/2 cups cashews, raw
2 TB coconut milk
1 pinch of curry to taste (or paprika)
sea salt and pepper to taste
fresh chives to garnish

In large pot, drizzle olive oil and cook carrots over medium heat.  Add onion, garlic, and ginger.  Saute 15 minutes.  Add broth and coconut milk.  Heat til boiling.  Reduce and simmer, uncovered, until carrots are nice and tender (45 minutes).  Puree in blender with cashews.  Season with salt and pepper, paprika or curry powder.  Use flour or rice starch to thicken or veg broth to thin, if desired.  Garnish with chives and enjoy!

Oh, this post was dedicated to a friend who made sure this weekend was my best birthday weekend ever.  And it wasn't even my birthday!!!  xoxoxo-Stephanie